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Complete supervision

With the mission to maximize security during the handling and transporting of artwork, our team of professionals supervises each one of the stages and operational procedures: 

Packing; Conservation list and registrar; Insurance for door to door delivery; Custom design of wooden crates and containers build under international standards of conservation.

Trans-pallets, stackers and forklifts are used for the save handling and transporting of large format objects when required.
Design and Construction
Design and construction of custom crates

Vipack Fine Arts works with specialists to custom design crates and containers, using high quality materials that correspond to international standards of conservation. Containers for artworks are painted or varnished according to projects needs, to assure security and identification before and during transportation, be it over land or sea.

Construction and custom designs

An art piece needs precise containers. Be it a painting or piece of contemporary art, all are fragile and therefore complex to move and store, and thus require standards of conservation as well as security for travel.
Our specialists build containers specifically custom designed for the requirements of the piece in question. We put all our knowledge into the service of your valued object. Acid-free folders for photography, drawings and etchings; travelling containers in a variety of sizes and formats for different travel needs. There isn`t a container that we are not able to create.