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An object is defined in different ways and levels, as material, symbolic and according to its value. A work of art be it a painting, sculpture a drawing or an engraving, can also be valued as an object as mentioned above.

The Fine Arts Division in Vipack Chile understands these concepts and what it means to take care of art, and incorporates these values in its strategy. A work of art at Vipack receives the precise attention for its safe handling, nationally and internationally, using the highest standards from the moment of reception; its packing and transport are rigorously controlled.

Fine Arts, our slogan : Pack objects, culture, memory.

We believe that each piece is unique and has to be protected. You can hand us your precious objects and we will take them anywhere in the world you need to send them.

Vipack is with the art, all art…


México: Del Cuerpo al cosmos  / Centro Cultural Palacio La Moneda.
Enero - Julio 2006
Frida Kahlo y Diego Rivera Vidas compartidas
Centro Cultural Palacio La Moneda. Noviembre 2008 - Febrero 2009
Reexportación Felipe IV Museo Nacional del Prado España
Museo Nacional  de Bellas Artes de Chile. 2008
Itinerancia Obras Museo de la Solidaridad Salvador Allende a Brasil.
Galería SESI y Fondazione Mertz, Turín Italia. 2007 - 2008
Transpacífico: un encuentro en Santiago / Centro Cultural Palacio La Moneda  Australia, Singapur y Shangai. Mayo - Julio 2007
Omaggio a Picasso (A+A Fundación Itau / MNBA)
TOROS Itinerancia dentro de Chile  Fundación Itaú. Julio - Octubre 2007
Guillermo Kuitca A+A Fundación Itaú. 2006
El cubismo y sus entornos Museo Lehmbruck de Duisbarg.
Fundación Telefónica. Agosto - Septiembre 2009
Colección Mapfre: Maestros Españoles  / Museo Nacional de  Bellas
Artes Gordon Matta-Clark Museo Nacional de  Bellas Artes
La Antigua China y Ejército de Terracota de Xi ‘an
Centro Cultural Palacio La Moneda
100 +100 BICENTENARIO, ITINERANCIA POR CHILE  2010. Colección en viaje MNBA A+A Fundación Itaú / MNBA. Intinerancia dentro de Chile Fundación Itaú.
Gordon Matta - Clarck. Deshacer el espacio.
Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. Octubre 2009

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A Brief History…
The international transportation of a collection…
Auguste RODIN in Chile.
Vipack was hired to import the collection of sculptures, made in the 19th century by this famous French artist, to the National Museum of Fine Arts in Chile.
This included the storage of all the empty containers for the duration of the exhibition.
Once the exhibit was over, Vipack exported the collection back to France, a process that included the packing of all the sculptures as well as handling all custom duties, done in a joined effort directly with customs officials to confirm major security for this valuable exhibition.
The collection was transported to the airport with a police escort.